Jogging Your Way:
A Fitness Style That Fits You

"Jogging? What? Pssh! No, that's not for me. I hate working out."

Sound familiar? Yeah, that was me a few years back, too. And guess what? I still hate working out, but I've learned to love jogging.

Surprised? Well, here's the thing. Jogging, at its heart, is a simple matter of moving your feet and carrying your body across a certain distance at a certain pace.

The secret is that both the distance and the pace are up to you. You can take things at your own speed. You can even take (quite frequent) walk breaks and still get results.

Besides that, there are so many ways to make the whole thing fun. Yes, fun! Fun, so that it doesn't feel like some dreaded, immense chore that you'd rather do anything to avoid (even clean the house).

Now if you're anything at all like the avid anti-exerciser I used to be, I know you may not believe me just yet, and that's A-okay with me. I'm a realist. That's actually one of the reasons I've come to love jogging.

Because when I jog, I don't have to put any crazy expectations on myself or feel lousy about not meeting some specific goal. You don't have to either.

I just jog. Just me and my feet, doing our thing and going however far we go.

And that feels great!

Getting more exercise in your life really doesn't have to be complicated, tedious, painful, or expensive. Try a little jogging, like I did, and discover how easy it can be for yourself.

This site is where I share little tips and tidbits about things I've learned along the way, as well as things that didn't work. Read on and come along on a jogging journey with me!

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The "Jog Like A Freak" Jogging Blog
The "Jog Like A Freak" Jogging Blog is where you can stay updated on the latest additions to the web site. Subscribe here to follow my fumblings and learn more about making fitness fun!
Beginning Jogging: Success Tips For People Who Hate Exercise
Beginning jogging and feeling kinda blah about the whole thing? Take heart! Even if you hate exercise as much as I do, here are some simple success tips to help you find your jogging "happy place."
Why I Love Jogging And Hate Running: The Birth Of A Jog Freak
Jogging is awesome! Running... not so much. At least, not to me. Fortunately, getting more exercise doesn't have to be tedious, painful, or expensive. Here's how I became a proud little jog freak.
Running Injuries
Running injuries are a runner's bane, but joggers are not immune. Learn how to reduce the likelihood of injury while jogging and how to stay in shape while recovering from a jogging injury.
Healthy Eating Tips For Joggers
Healthy eating habits are good for all, but avid joggers have more specific nutritional needs than less active folks. Here are some tips to help keep your body well-fueled and performing at its best.
Personal Safety While Jogging
Personal safety is something every jogger should be aware of, but we often don't think about it until it's too late. Brush up on this basic safety information before you head out on your next jog.
Yoga For Joggers
Yoga and jogging are natural fitness partners. Add a regular yoga practice to your jogging lifestyle and reap the benefits of mind, body, and spirit.
Activewear For Jogging: Necessity Or Luxury?
Activewear isn't just for fitness gurus these days. It's popping up everywhere! But what does it all do, and how much of it is really necessary for someone who's just beginning jogging?
Compare Running Shoes
Compare running shoes to find the best fit in the style that best suits the type of jogging you do. Don't get the first pair of cheap running shoes you find. Do the research. Your body will thank you.
GPS Devices For Jogging
GPS devices may seem complicated and expensive, but having one can definitely come in handy on a jog. It can map your route, track your progress, and even help you find the way home if you get lost.
Heart Monitors For Jogging
Heart monitors tell you how hard your body is working, and using one for heart rate training can help you track your fitness progress as you become a more experienced jogger.
Hydration Devices For Jogging
Hydration devices for jogging come in a range of capacities, styles, and costs. One that's right for you may not be right for another jogger. Here are some things to consider when making your choice.
Jogging Strollers: No Babysitters (Or Pet-sitters) Required
Jogging strollers come in many styles and features and make jogging with little ones easier than ever before. Here are some jogging stroller options for one child, multiple children, and pets, too!
Running Music (a.k.a. "Jogging Jams")
Running music (a.k.a. "jogging jams") can help get you moving if you have trouble finding your jogging "happy place." Here are some awesome music selections and jogger-friendly equipment/technology.
Distance Training For Joggers
Distance training may seem an impossible dream to you newer joggers right now, but with patience and consistency, it is possible to ease on up into higher mileage ranges.
Running To Lose Weight: Doing It Jogging-Style
Running to lose weight really works, even if you're taking things at a casual, easy jogging pace. Here are a few tips to help you become a jogging weight loss success.

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Funny Happy Jog Freak

I'm no one special, just a girl with a playful soul who's had a tough time learning to really love exercise my whole life, no matter how good I know it is for me.

As a result, I've spent a lot of time tinkering with what works (and feels) best to me.

That's how I discovered jogging.

The way I do it, jogging feels a lot more like "play" to me than (ugh!) "working out."

And I think that's the key.

Having fun is what keeps me coming back.

Maybe it will work for you, too.

Read my story here.

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